This is where the four corners of your life come together.

Can your professional, family, community, and personal lives possibly connect in one remarkable place? Welcome to Monaghan Square, where everything that you need out of life surrounds you. From the energy of downtown, to the peaceful charm of the Hydrostone, to the convenience of shopping at your doorstep, living at Monaghan Square is easy. You might even consider leaving the car parked. This really is urban living. Without the hassles.
Halifax Dining

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  • 1Hydrostone Market
  • 2NSLC / Superstore
  • 3Halifax Forum
  • 4Mayflower Curling Club
  • 5Shoppers Drug Mart
  • 6Sobeys
  • 7Local Source Market
  • 8Butchery
  • 9Lawton’s Drugs
  • 10Halifax Shopping Centre
  • 11MacDonald Bridge
  • 12To Hwy 102 & 103
  • 13Fort Needham Memorial Park
  • 14To MacKay Bridge / Airport / Hwy 101
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